waiting, thinking, showing off- Stop All.

The Lakers should trade Russell Westbrook for his careless play and qualities. Otherwise, the hostile team has had a productive season.

Opposition can surprise and Amuse.

Their new coach is capable of creating a new culture that could shake up the crypt and shock some people.

Westbrook missed all 11 shots.(lost)

The Lakers played strong and smart. They battled back from a 16-point deficit to take a two-point lead midway through the fourth quarter.

Westbrook Lakers history:

The Westbrook evolved the first Laker in 57 years - 0 for 11. Where Darrel Imhoff went 0 for 12 in 1965.

 Lakers trading Russell Westbrook.

Don't wait for more displays of his ability, as the entire NBA had a nightmare on Thursday night.

who carries less blame to trade Westbrook?

Westbrook himself bears the least blame for this trade. But Still, most of what happened is to him. it's a misfortune. 

What Next?

In a postgame news conference following Tuesday's season-opening loss at Golden State, He carelessly blamed the team for his hamstring injury.

what will do this season

In both games, This season Westbrook has been in the starting lineup. Some are surprised if the Lakers aren't bowing to his absurd indictments

what will do this season

It's unfair to Hamm to keep Westbrook and also to the party, fans. It's also unfair to Westbrook.

At Last;

she loudly said We're going to the playoffs! Only if The Lakers should trade Russell Westbrook now. It's done fast. Urgently.