Famous TV legend Leslie Jordan has died today.

On Monday (24 Oct 2022).  An accident car with tree in Hollywood.

when and How?

Leslie Jordan's Life Best moments.

When I hear the name Beloved Legendary, I feel his life's dancing, singing, and storytelling best moments ever.

Leslie Jordan's Singing in Tiktok.

Recently one of his songs, acting, and dances have viral on TikTok.

Leslie Jordan's momentous memories.

He shared many significant memories on TikTok videos. Like his acting, dancing, and others...

Leslie Jordan's Latest song impressions;

He said in a TikTok video, "I think I read about this in the Bible, the book of Revelations." It makes me want to dance for the last time.

Leslie Jordan's hobbies;

Becoming Journalist. Said- "I just like beautiful things. I think that's why gays were put on this earth, just to make things beautiful."