Prince Movie released  on October 21, 2022

"The Prince Movie" has some funny moments and some great dancing.

Prince Movie overview: 1

An Indian man falls in love with his British colleague. Also the lady is already fallen in love with . Here's a notable matter with  the ladies grand father.

Prince Movie overview: 2

The point is that the British colleague's grandfather was a freedom fighter.  He is afraid, can he persuade her?

Prince Movie overview: 4

Anbu (Sivakarthikeyan) role is a teacher in a tiny city and Jessica (Maria Ryaboshapka) is a British girl. They have fallen in love with each other.

Prince Movie overview: 5

The issue is the lady's father will not accept their relationship. Because his own father is an enemy of the British.

Prince Movie overview: 5

Scenes involving bottle gourds. PJ-filled scenes and climaxes at a police station. But these moments of inspired stupidity are not madness, but dead air.

Prince Movie overview: 5

The introducer Sivakarthikeyan the comic persona from his early films that made him a star, only manages to keep the film from sinking.

Prince Movie overview: 5

Here a seen of their love story. They feel to do romance in beside of River.  Although the Prince movie has some odds seen. 

Prince Movie overview: 5

Here is another scene of their love story. but it's selfie time beside the shooting. They just enjoy their leisure time.

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