Takeoff, Migos a Popular Rapper Group Member has died Today.

Sad News!

 His death is mystical. We are really saddened as devoter him.

Takeoff died today at dawn.

How Did ?

But he was murdered by a shotgun.  The Young star Takeoff was only 28 years old. 

Police Reports

Houston police said according to a department tweet, One person was found dead in a shooting in downtown Houston at a bowling and pool hall around 2:30 a.m. local time.

What will next?

According to authorities, police were informed that a private party was held at the venue prior to the shooting. An operation is underway to nab the main culprit.

Lets know more about him

Takeoff from Lawrenceville Georgia. He started performing with his uncle and fellow rapper Quavo in 2008 as Migos at Offset.

Their Popularity:

The trio rose to fame with their 2013 single "Verses." Their success from the hit "Bad and Boozy" in 2016, which featured fellow recording artist Lil Uzi Vert.

Takeoff's Last Words

Takeoffs said It's time to give me my flowers. But you know what I mean?  "I don't want them when I'm not here."

Devoters Opinion

Takeoffs were our young star. We would really miss him a lot. We couldn't forget him. He will live us with his Mesmerizing Moments.